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4.1.2 Fax

OSCAR has several ways to configure Fax services depending on the needs of the clinic OSCAR Fax Configuration
OSCAR 15 is configured to fax from the desktop and provides freedom in how to connect the back end. Currently OSCAR supports a sophisticated two way fax webservice, and simple one way faxing to a T.37 compliant fax machine, to any of a number of web fax gateways. Oscar Fax Service
OSCAR 15 uses an advanced fax system to link with Hylafax. This allows for multiple fax lines to be used to both fax out and to handle incoming faxes to different inbox queues. There are also reporting tools to allow for accounting of costs by group. Internet Gateway Faxing
Faxing to an internet email to fax gateway from OSCAR is easy and convenient. Internet Gateway Faxing - SRFax API
The following is a method to access the SRFax API via SOAP MFP faxing with T.37
Many multifunction printers allow for OSCAR to fax directly through them Hylafax Setup for Oscar
It is very convenient to fax directly from the desktop. These instructions cover fax Configuration with Hylafax for use with Oscar on on the LAN. This is the legacy technique introduced in OSCAR 12, and remains as an alternative to the OSCAR Fax service. SRFax desktop client
For those with SRFax, extend your use of your subscription with a desktop client to let you fax outside of OSCAR (see the gateway for having OSCAR use their API)
SRFax account setup
Mac SRfax client

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