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Options for faxing directly from Oscar

Faxing from Oscar

 - You have an Oscar install on a Linux Server.
 - You have mixed workstations running one or a number of operating systems
 - you prefer to send/receive faxes paperless if possible from any machine on the network.

Internet Faxing (web-based)

Many Voip providers and Internet fax services are available that will give you a virtual incoming fax number (local or toll free) that will direct faxes as pre-scanned pdf's to an email address.  In turn outgoing faxes can be sent to the service as file attachments to email. 

A theoretical concern relates to those providers located outside of Canada and the American Patriot Act seizing documents of a confidential (medical) matter.  The insurer CMPA isn't so much worried about what service you use, as long as any "issues" do not result in a claim filed in the United States. They are willing to represent members in almost any matter, but shy away from American justice system wherever possible. As a bottom line, if this happens and a patient discovered there was a breach of confidence, and decided to proceed with legal action against the doctor in the States, then you should not depend on the support of the CMPA. 

Some fax #'s are problematic using internet faxing.  One that consistently gets rejected is the Special Authority number in BC.  There is a toll-free # and a 250 area code one.  The toll-free number is only available to actual BC phone numbers, so Internet faxing may be blocked.  In such cases use the direct number (the 250 area code).

Faxing from the Network

 A solution that would enable you the following might interest you:

  • A fax server that receives all incoming faxes from a single line, stores them in your mysql server, (beside or part of OSCAR), and sends you or one of the staff an email that a fax has arrived.
  • A web based interface where you can control your fax server and see its activities, including making sure of delivery and the reason for potential failures, from anywhere in your office (or the world for that matter)
  • The fax server should be able to accept fax from any workstation, even from the web browser. no matter the platform or location.
  • A common address book be available to workstations on the local network

There are a number of open source fax server solutions, most based on Hylafax.  On the workstations use a platform independent Hylafax client such as YajHFC  that will invoke a fax dialog and address-book when you choose Hylafax as the "printer".   You can also use a web based portal to control and monitor Hylafax such as Avantfax

Alternately you can use a custom version of Hylafax integrated into Oscar (Oscar fax)

Oscar service providers can configure such systems or you can do it yourself with following internet instructions and the information in the Developers section


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