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3.0 Administration

The administration view allows for multiple settings to customize and update OSCAR
3.1 User Management
How to manage users in OSCAR 15
3.2 Billing Administration
Billing settings and reports for OSCAR 15
3.3 Lab Management
Administration of labs for OSCAR 15
3.4 Forms and eForms
Adding and managing forms in OSCAR 15
3.5 Reports
Report setup, running and administration
3.5.1 Indicator Dashboard
The local dashboard provides the interface for sophisticated reporting with drill down ability to access related demographics. This page documents the setup of the report system.
3.6 eChart Templates
eChart templates can quickly build an encounter note in OSCAR 15
3.7 Schedule Management
Add schedule for your providers in OSCAR 15
3.8 System Management
3.9 Faxes
A fax configured OSCAR 15 can be monitored here
3.10 System Reports
OSCAR 15 comes with a number of System Reports and the ability to restart fax and OSCAR services
3.11 Integration Management
3.12 Data Management
These functions allows for patient data backup export and import functions in OSCAR 15
3.13 Updates and Migrations
These utilities migrate from earlier to newer database formats. They are irreversible.
15 Lab FOrwarding
15 Inbox Queue
15 HL7 Update
15 Select Forms
15 eForm Library
15 Image Library
15 eForm Groups
15 Dashboard Management
15 Query By Example
15 Report By Template
15 Age and Gender
15 Visit Report
15 On Call
15 OBEC Report
15 Usage
15 Disease Registry Report
15 Study
15 eForm Report tool
15 Prevention Notification Management
15 Fax Configuration
15 Manage Faxes
15 eSend Data
15 Update Drugref
15 Backup
15 Consultaton Settings
15 Dashboard Library
15 Dashboard Security Objects
15 Doctor Priveledges
15 Dashboard Link
15 Initial Dashboard Library
15 Dashboard Group/Category
15 Linking Indicator with Group
15 Dashboard with Groups Link
15 Dashboard Diabetes
Diabetes ACR Indicator Template
a working indicator template for the local Indicator Dashboard
Log Purge Tool
Successful Log Purge

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