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3.5 Reports

Report setup, running and administration

Dashboard Manager

This utility allows one to import export enable or disable indicators available in OSCAR 15 builds 467 and later.

see Dashboard Setup for instructions

15 Dashboard Management


Query By Example

This allows administrative staff to run report SQLs directly on the OSCAR database.  Updates and Deletes are not allowed.

15 Query By Example

Report by Template

This is the user friendly way to run specialised reports from the database

15 Report By Template

Age-Sex Report

This will give you the age sex distribution by provider and date

15 Age and Gender

Visit Report

This report provides the number of visits by provider by location over the time period

15 Visit Report


PCN gives a list of patients and their status

OSCAR On Call Clinic

This utility lets you record the on call dates for the clinic.

15 On Call

Flu Billing Report

This report gives a report of the patients given influenza vaccine by year and practice

Overnight Batch

This utility generates a file of patients being seen in the near future for checking for health card validity by uploading to the ministry

15 OBEC Report


Surveillance Report

Reports on current surveys

Rehab Study

Select forms can be reported on with this utility

Patient List by Appointment Time

This yields a text file of appointments for the provider by date and time.  This can be opened in a spreadsheet program for analysis.

Provider Service Report

Similar to the above this report provides summary statistics for encounters by program.

Usage Report

The report provides data on usage by provider in a given date range.  It yields information as to practice size, demographics, number of appointments, encounter notes, billings, problem lists, documents, prescriptions, reminders and alerts, and labs

15 Usage

Disease Registry

This utility allows you to search by provider or team all patients with a given disease registry entry.

15 Disease Registry Report


This allows you to manage patients associated with a study and flag them on the appt screen.

15 Study

PHCP (Setting: Provider, dx category)


CKD Screening Report (async)


Pre-Implementation Report


Manage Patient Letter

Use this section to customize the patient letter generated from the screening report.

EForm Report Tool

This tool allows you to generate temporary tables from eforms of any given type for further analysis through report by template or other fashion

15 eForm Report tool

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