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2.1 Schedule View

The Schedule View in classic form is a starting point in OSCAR 15 to the patients charts and the days workflow

15 Schedule view



  • Alerts and Notes on Schedule
  • Click OSCAR icon to switch UI


Accessing the Dashboard

Either this "Classic" view or the "Dashboard" can be configured to be the page that you see when you log in by a setting in Preferences

In either case you can toggle to the other interface at any time by clicking on the OSCAR-EMR icon in the top left of either page

14 Accessing the Dashboard

Fig 1 detail of upper left corner of classic interface


To change the status of the appointment when the patient arrives, click on the symbol immediately to the left of the patient’s name in the appointment screen. Each click advances to the next appointment status.

Meaning of appointment status symbols

  •  ToDoappointment booked

  •  Daysheetday sheet printed & chart pulled

  • Here patient is here (appointment bar will turn green)
  • Picked patient is picked (appointment bar will turn pink)
  • Empty empty room (appointment bar will turn yellow)
  • NoShow no-show appointment (appointment bar will turn grey)
  • Cancelled appointment has been cancelled
  • Billed patient has been billed (appointment bar will turn blue)

Other Symbols on Appointment Bar

  • A hover over to get details of an alert on the patient (such as seen above when hovering above Pierre Elliott Trudeau's appointment in the illustration above)
  • N hover over to access a note on the patient
  • E2 click to access the new patient encounter screen (not available in receptionist view)
  • E click to access the patient encounter record (not available in receptionist view)
  • In click to access Intake form to load common measurements and cumulative patient profile data.  See Intake
  • B click to bill the encounter
    -B click to un-bill an appointment for correction. This icon only appears as a replacement for B after the patient has been billed.
  • M click to view the patient’s master demographic record
  • Rx click to view OscarRx, where you can fill out prescriptions for the patient (not available in receptionist view)
  • le. or similar abbreviation gives a direct link to the form or eForm with that name (set up in Preferences) 
  • # for non rostered patient status
  • $ for fee for service patient status
  • ! for ticklers
  • 15 Study flagflag as eligible for study
  • Stop Sign hover to read preventions notification(s)
  • 15 Criticalfor appointments flagged as critical


If your office has complex schedules for a number of doctors, you may want to use the Templates feature. With this the receptionist will be able to know at a glance at what times of the day the doctor is available, the duration of each appointment or designate a time slot kept open for same-day appointments. Each office can designate their own coding system, but the following is an example of some coding systems:

1 = 15 min. appointment | 2 = 30 min. appointment | H = hospital rounds | A = academic time | s = same day

same day 

The template codes are displayed in a small box beside each time in the appointment screen. Templates are created in the Administrative View 

  - Click F11 to view the appointment screen from 8am to 5 pm.
  - F11 is a toggle switch that minimizes the task and menu bar at the 
  top & bottom, giving you more viewing area on the appointment screen.
  - Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to get it to work.
  - This will only hold for the current session on Internet Explorer/Firefox.
  -When you log off and log in, you will have to press F11 again to
  have the larger viewing area.


"Week View" Version of the Appointment Screen

The "Week View" Version of the Appointment Screen is accessed by clicking on the "W" next to the providers name.  This shows the appointments for the given provider for the week



"View All" Version of the Appointment Screen

The "View All" Version of the Appointment Screen is accessed by selecting a group and clicking on "View All".  It shows all members of the group if they are scheduled that day or not.


Schedule View of the Appointment Screen

The "Schedule View" of the Appointment Screen is accessed by selecting a group and clicking "Schedule View".  It shows just the members of the group scheduled for that day.


 In large clinics with in house IT your Oscar may have been configured that
 when you click on the HELP link in the upper right corner a ‘CONTACT SUPPORT’ link
 in the bottom white screen appears.  Click it and and fill out the e-mail with
 your name, e-mail, topic and your request. This e-mail will  go to a central person
 on the team who will direct it to the appropriate technical staff.

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