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1.0 Clinical Dashboard

The Dashboard centralises the clinician's work-flow in one place. It is a new feature introduced in OSCAR 14
1.0 Clinical Dashboard Overview
The clinical dashboard puts together the regular workload in one screen. This is an overview of the features of the OSCAR 14/15 Dashboard. Further details on each component are listed separately in greater detail
14 Accessing the Dashboard
14 Collapsing the Dashboard
14 Expanding the Dashboard
14 Quick Search
14 Search
14 Quick Demographic Add
14 Demographic Detail
1.1 Encounter
The OSCAR 14 Encounter is all new
14 Encounter
14 Details Encounter
14 Encounter Forms
14 Tickler Add
14 Tracker Weight
14 Chronic Pain Tracker Template
14 Rx 3
1.1.1 Dashboard Details
OSCAR 14 Dashboard Details have all the patient demographic data in one place
14 Alerts Notes and Contacts
14 Demographic Detail Team Additional info
1.1.2 Summary
OSCAR 14 Summary page is the core of the patient chart for both notes and a *front sheet* of information
14 MD settings access
1.1.3 Provider settings
Have your EMR conform to YOUR workflow and not the other way around! Provider settings allow each user to customise the OSCAR experience to their preferences
14 persona
14 General MD Settings
14 Schedule MD Settings
14 Billing MD settings
14 Rx MD settings
14 MDR MD settings
14 Consults MD settings
14 Documents MD settings
14 Encounter MD settings
14 eForm MD settings
14 Inbox MD settings
14 Program MD setting
14 Integration MD settings

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