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1.6 Administration

The administration view of OSCAR contains many functions. These include completing the billing process, adding new users, setting up appointment schedules, and creating reports.
1.6.1 Accessing the Admin View
Describes how to access the Administrative view.
1.6.2 New User Setup
Because of the confidentiality of the patient’s records, access to the administration area of the program needs to be controlled by one or two individuals in the office in order to maintain the integrity and security of the system. The following steps walk you through setting up a new provider or user in OSCAR.
1.6.3 Security Functions
As the Administrator, it is your responsibility to educate new users to the importance of protecting their login and password in OSCAR. This is important to protect the integrity of the system and the patient’s confidential records.
1.6.4 Billing Functions
A number of functions to adjust OHIP billing and to actually form billing submission files
1.6.5 Base URL Settings
Describes how to use the Base URL Setting tool.
1.6.6 Back up OSCAR Files
The following steps allow you to back up on a regular basis the data files in OSCAR in case of a critical fire or hardware problems. Hardware can be replaced and the software re-installed and set up by OSCAR technical support if the data has been updated on a regular basis.
1.6.7 oscarReport
See 1.5 Reports for descriptions and instructions about each of the reports available in this section.
1.6.8 Oscar Messanger
Internal messaging service using many email like conventions for use with and between Oscar clinics
1.6.9 E-Forms
Describes how to use e-forms.
1.6.10 OSCAR encounter
The OSCAR Encounter Admin Section allows you to edit forms and measurements
1.6.11 Miscellaneous Admin Functions
Various additional administrative functions
Backups Selected
Demographic Export
Import Patient
Select Forms
Upload Image
Upload eForm
eForm generator
edit eForm
Lab Upload
Lab Uploaded
Inbox Mixed Lab and Documents
Edit Measurements
Edit Measurement Group
View Measurement Types
Add new Mesurement Type
View Mapping
Map Lab Code
Add Instruction
Billing Admin
Upload SOB
Add or Edit Service Code
Edit Private Billing Code
Billing Locations
Manage Billing Form
OHIP Simulation/Test
Billing Correction
INR billing Update
Invoice Status
Manage Referral Doctor
Admin Edit Referral
Satelite Site
Mulit-Site Provider
Clinic Admin
Add Queue
Mapping to a Measurement Type
Add Edit Delete Billing Form
Adding New Billing Form
Kiosk Key Pair
Key Manager
Log Report
11x Patient Statement
11x Upload E-Form
11x Demographic Export
11x Diabetes Export
11x CIHI export
11x Send eData
11x Admin View
12 Add Edit Service Code
12 Billing Code Style Editor
12 Manage NBR codes
12_1 Use Rich Text Letter
12.1 OHIP SOB Upload

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