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1.6.6 Back up OSCAR Files

The following steps allow you to back up on a regular basis the data files in OSCAR in case of a critical fire or hardware problems. Hardware can be replaced and the software re-installed and set up by OSCAR technical support if the data has been updated on a regular basis.


  1. A backup directory that is actual and has privileges for the Tomcat user to read and write to needs to be established on the server
  2. The file needs a key value pair that points to that backup directory.  For example
    backup_path = /home/mysql/
  3. A script needs to run to form periodic encrypted backups and place them in that folder
A sample backup script and further instructions for the installer is in the developers section


  1. First, set-up a directory on the computer that has a CD or DVD burner
  2. OR make the directory on another computer and make the directory a shared one, so that it can be seen from the computer with the burner
  3. To make a folder shared in Windows, right click on directory - click ‘share’ & click ‘share folder’


Back-up each file and put them in the directory you created to hold the back-up files

  1. Log in to OSCAR with a user that has admin rights.
  2. Click the "oscarDatabase/Document Download" link on the Admin page.  You will see something like the following
    Backups Selected
  3. Click the file names to save the files to the local computer.
  4. If you use the default script there will be two for each day, one for the documents and another smaller one for the database.
  5. Write to a USB drive or burn a CD/DVD at the end of the week with everything in the directory & keep off site
  6. Use a couple of re writable CD/DCD’s or USB drives and rotate them back & forth from the office
  • The backup date and time will be shown on file names. So, it is easy to only download the files that are new as they are usually on the top of the list.
  • Downloading the backup to another machine should usually be done daily, but even every 2nd day is OK.
  • Restoring the backup files, if there ever was a problem, will be looked after by the OSCAR service provider

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