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1.2 The Appointment Screen

All of the day-to-day functions of the office can be performed from the appointment screen. You can view the appointment schedule, enter patient information into the electronic medical files, fill out forms, bill the encounter and check any future day’s schedules.
1.2.1 Appointment Screen View
The 12_1 appointment screen can hold up to 6 providers comfortably. Further on in the manual instructions will show you how to handle more than 6 providers by creating groups and flipping between the groups.
1.2.2 Making Appointments
Describes how to make appointments.
1.2.3 Appointment Screen Tabs
Describes each of the tabs available when using OSCAR.
1.2.4 Waiting List
Describes Waiting List protocols.
1.2.5 Intake Form
The intake form is used to load common measurements and CPP data from the appointment and caseload screens
1.2.6 Patient Search
12.x Search Patient dialog
appointment screen
same day
View All
schedule view
week view
Add Appointment
And Print
Waiting List
Edit Demographic Detail
Month View
10_12 Patient Search
10_06 Flip View
Appointment Seardh
Selecting Next Available
Make an Appointment
11x MyOscar Tab Messages
11x eDoc Tab
12 Intake
12 Intake Link
12_1 add appointment

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