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1.2.6 Patient Search

12.x Search Patient dialog


The Search Tab is used to search the database for a specific patient’s Master Demographic record which has many office functions, including booking an appointment.

10_12 Patient Search

  1. From the Appointment screen, click on the ‘SEARCH’ tab
  2. The program will default to a ‘NAME’ search
  3. Type in part of the patient’s last name, then a comma and then the 1st initial of the patient’s first name
  4. Click the ‘SEARCH’ button or press the ‘ENTER’ key
  5. When the list of names come up, click on the ‘Demographic No’ button to bring up the Patient Master Demographic information
  6. Clicking on any of the headings will cause the list of results to sort on that heading
 1 You can search by Date of Birth, Name, Health Number,
Address, Phone Number or Chart Number.
 2 For a General Search, leave the search box blank and click
the SEARCH button to get the full list of patients in the
 3 The smaller amount of the name you type in for the search,
the better chance you have of finding the patient without a
typo error.
 4 Apostrophe's need to be escaped \' as in O\'Brian

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