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1.3.4 Detail Record Menu Bar

The navigation bar on the left-hand side of the Patient Detail Record Screen allows you to access several other important features of OSCAR.



Appointment History

This area allows you to view when the patient has been seen, who saw the patient and whether the appointment was cancelled or was a ‘no show”. Future appointments also appear in this window.
Pt Appointment Hx

Waiting List

If you have selected a waiting list from the drop-down menu while editing the patient’s main demographic information, the list will appear here, along with the patient’s position on the list and the date and time at which he/she was added.
Waiting List Status 


Billing History

The Billing history allows you to view the billing history of a patient by billing date.
Billing History

Create Invoice The ‘CREATE INVOICE’ button allows you to bill a patient directly from the Master Demographic area. See billing the encounter

Batch Billing

This adds the utility of a generic batch billing for recurring codes (eg Q050A annual diabetic management).  See batch billing

Flu Billing

OSCAR has developed an easy billing function for special walk-in Flu Shot clinics to eliminate the need to book an appointment or search for the billing code. See Flu Clinic Billing

Hospital Billing

You may bill a patient for a hospital visit from this link. Follow all the same instructions as any other kind of billing, as detailed in billing


This feature is for billing the monthly G271A monitoring for long-term anticoagulant supervision. Set up the list of patients for each doctor by adding each patient via the clicking this link. See INR Billing

Bill INR

After the patient has been added to the INR list, it is a simple matter of pulling up the list for each doctor and clicking the check box for patients who need to be billed. See INR Billing



The consultation form allows you to request the booking of a specialist appointment for the patient quickly and easily. See Consultations


With oscarRx you can write prescriptions quickly and easily and keep of record of past and present medications too. The program can also alert you to any allergies the patient has, and informs you if there is a known problem with mixing two different medications. See Prescriptions,  Rx3.


E-Chart takes you back to the patient’s Electronic Chart, with all its features as described in Clinical Functions


           Brings you to prevention recommendations and history for this patient


The Tickler is a system that is used to remind staff to call or book a patient for a ‘repeat procedure’, as well as alerting staff of unpaid bills or any other notes they might need to be reminded of. See Tickler

Send a Message

OSCARmsg is a secure messaging system within the intranet of the OSCAR clinic and between OSCAR clinic sites. The functions work like many common e-mail programs. See Messenger

Add Patient Set 

            Adds the patient to an existing or new patient set.




Viewing documents in the patient’s chart: This link allows you to view any patient’s documents that have been either scanned or received as a digital file and attached to the patients chart. Lab results, Consultation notes from other doctors and Annual physical forms are some the various papers you can attach as part of the patient’s electronic medical record in this area. You can also add documents or HTML code in the window directly.

Add Document

The ‘Add Document’ feature allows you to upload any Adobe Acrobat or html file into the patient’s Electronic Record. See eDoc

Current eForms

View the forms you have added to the patient’s record here. It works in a similar way to the Documents function. This area would hold eForms such as requisitions and the rich text letter writer letters.  You can delete eForms from the patients chart here.
MBR eForms

Add E-Form

This button gives you access to various pre-formatted forms, a chart summary or letterheads. Any letters and forms created in this area will be added to the patient’s Electronic File. See eForm

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