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4.2 Installation 12.x

Instructions on how to install and configure Oscar versions 11, 12 and 12.1
 Title   Type 
4.2.1 oscar_emr12.1.1.deb Installation Page
4.2.2 Oscar_Setup12x.exe Setup on Windows DEPRECATED Page
4.2.3 Security Hardening Page
4.2.4 Backups Page
4.2.5 IDE Install Folder
4.2.6 Manually Updating Oscar Page
destination Image
password Image
importing Image
Almost done Image
wizard Image
impoted project Image
Oscar in Eclipse Image
gerrit page Image
SSH key Image
Maven Classpath Image
Tomcat Memory Image
Setup 0.81 Choices Image
Setup Password and Billing Image
MySQL Password Image
Tomcat6 Memory Image
Strict mode Image
Full Disc Encryption Image
Oscar on Netbeans File
Sun Java Image
Java Yes Image
MySQL password Image
Ant Image
losding databases Image
Oscar Canadian English 10_06 beta Login Image
Add Exception Image
Instalación manual básica File
Welcome Image
GPL Image
Install Directory Image
Components Image
installing Image
finish Image
Tomcat Configuration Image
Oscar Start Menu Image
Oscar Tech Demo Image
Synaptic Image
add software Image
Install EGit Image
Install EGit2 Image
accept certificate Image
4.2.7 International Install Page
4.2.8 Automated Appointment Reminders Page
4.2.9 Deb install on Mint Page
4.2.10 Enabling Restarting OSCAR Page
liscense Image
EGit preferences Image
Import from Git Image
click on Clone Image
repository details Image
Select Master Image
one of 5 Image
2 of 5 Image
Define Province Image
Demo Data Image
Plain Password Image
Progress Image
readme Image
Maven Package of Oscar Image
Mvn Oscar Documents Image
Team Pull Image
Team Commit Image
Team Push to Upstream Image
Eclipse is Pushing Image
Pushing details etc Image
Open pending Review in Gerrit Image
Eclipse Commit Image
12 Welcome Image
12 AGPL Image
12 Installation Directory Image
12 Install Components Image
12 Configuration options Image
12 Installation Progress Image
12 Installation Finish Image
12 Remove Oscar Image
Tomcat 6 Configurator Image
Oscar on Netbeans File
12 Upgrade Image
12 Province Image
12 Demo Image
12 Password Image
MySQL Install on Ubuntu 12.04 Image
Installation Password Image
localisation Image
demo Image
eyeform Image
contacts Image
Oscar12 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS Image
intake Image
12 Phone Prefix Image
12.1 Deb console output Image
12_1 fax config Image
12_1 Eye form Image
12_1 intake Image
12_1 contacts Image

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