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Shows list of appointments for date range selected.

Day Sheet

  1. From the drop down list, select either the desired doctor, group of doctors or ‘All Doctors’
  2. Click on the From and To links to select the date range for the day sheet from the calendar. The time range of the report can be changed using the drop down menus beside the date range.
  3. Click on “All appointments” for a list of every appointment within the time and date range selected. OR click “Print Day Sheet for only new appointments” for a list that only includes appointments made after the last day sheet was printed

Once generated the Appointments screen will be modified to open the closed folder be beside each booked appointment, signifying that the Day Sheet has been printed


  • Hovering over the Appointment time will give the scheduled end time for that consultation
  • The report can be sorted by each of the column by clicking on a header
  • The Print button lets you print the displayed page
11x Day Sheet


 Lab Day Sheet

The Lab Day Sheet Prints out all appointments for all providers on the date against a grid for gynacology blood work.  PDF only

11x Lab Day Sheet




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