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Adding New OSCAR Roles

This section describes how you create and set up new OSCAR roles.


Adding a New OSCAR Role Overview


A new OSCAR Role can be needed for a variety of reasons:

  1. For multi-disciplinary role based access within a single installation of OSCAR / CAISI
  2. To allow for multi-disciplinary role based access across multiple installations of OSCAR / CAISI across an integrated community agencies / clinics.
  3. To clearly demarcate records written by different disciplines within a single installation of OSCAR / CAISI.


In order to add a new OSCAR role you need to:

  1. Add A Role
  2. Assign Role Rights to Object


Add A Role

To add a role go to the OSCAR Admin page and click on "Add A Role". This screen allows you to enter a potential new role name, search the database to check to see if this role already exists. If it does not you can add it.

Assign Roles Rights to Object

Once you have created a new role you have to assign that role different access rights. In this step you can determine what this role can access in the OSCAR / CAISI case management system / EMR.

  1. Go to the OSCAR Admin page
  2. click on Assign Role Rights to Object under the security heading
  3. move toward the bottom of this screen to the section called "Add Role/Privilege"
  4. select the new OSCAR role in the top drop down menu
    Assign Role Rights to Object
  5. check the appropriate ObjectID and privileges for that object.
      • Special Note: In order to be able to properly log into OSCAR, the minimum ObjectID that is required is " _appointment" with a read privilege.


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