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1.6.11 Miscellaneous Admin Functions

Various additional administrative functions
11x Misc Menu Misc Overview
Description of the various functions in the Misc menu
11x Update Drugref Update Drugref
This function updates Drugref 2/3
11x Add New Queue New Queue
To add a new Queue for categorizing and directing uploaded documents
11x Clinic Admin Clinic Admin and Address
This link gives you opportunity to alter the Clinic or Agency address when pulled elsewhere in Oscar.
11x Satelite Sites Manage Satellite Sites
Manage Satellite Sites lets you set up providers grouped by separate physical locations. Referral Doctors Admin
Lists of referral doctors Demographic Export
Export patient files in the CMS standard for other Oscar, and compatible, programs. Demographic Import
Import demographic allows you to import demographic and clinical data in a standard format from another Oscar or other compatible EMR Merge Demographics
Demographic merge allows you to merge demographics where patient data has been entered into several separate charts by mistake
11x Patient Provider Update Update Provider
This allows you to update a patients provider, en-mass when there is turnover of clinic staff. Insert a Template
Insert a template will create or edit an existing encounter template for use in the encounter screen Study
Add patients to a list for a research study(ies) by using the search engine to find the patient, then clicking the "Join In".
11x PHCP provider list
11x Study - Search
11x PHCP encounter report PHCP Report
I have no idea what this report is supposed to do Lab Upload
Oscar can import labwork manually through this function Key Pair
Oscar can generate key pairs for encrypted communication.
11x Lab Forwarding Lab Forwarding
Lab Forwarding Rules will allow a copy of the labs to be forwarded to another provider. Manage Facilities
The integrator allows for a cloud of Oscar systems to work together sharing patient/client data. HL7 Messaging
This function allows for secure messaging to the HL7 standard to or from another clinic that uses Oscar, or other compatible software.
11x HRM Status
11x HRM Preferences
11x HRM Class Mappings
11x HRM Categories Hospital Report Manager
The Hospital Report Manager (HRM) is designed to access Ontario Hospital reports from a central repository.
11x OLIS Preferences OLIS Preferences
The Ontario Laboratories Information System is a central database for laboratory results.
1.6.11.x Prevention Notification Settings
Prevention Notification Settings allows for customization of the "stop sign" alerts New Flowsheets
Create new flowsheets
11x Create New Flowsheet
11x manage Flowsheet Manage Flowsheet
Flowsheets can be uploaded, enabled or disabled here
11x OLIS Search MyOscar Configuration
This allows for administration of the link to MyOscar2 HSFO Fax Status
Administrative link to check on the status and manage the integrated fax service Oscar Status
Administrative link to allow for checking and restarting OSCAR Upload Entry Text Traceability
This feature allows you to check if you are running genuine OSCAR EMR code. Migrate Contacts
This link will migrate existing patient contact data to the new Contacts Manager present in Oscar 11 and newer
12 Oscar Status
12 Migrate Contacts
12 Stop Sign Management
12.1.1 Tracability
12.1.1 trace-report.txt

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