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Demographic merge allows you to merge demographics where patient data has been entered into several separate charts by mistake



The merge references one record as associated with the invalid record. The invalid record can be found using the search function of Oscar and when you open it up, it just loads the echart and demographic of the valid demo.
Technically the merge creates a pointer to the valid record and makes reading or writing to the invalid one difficult, by setting a role/object for provider "_all" with all rights denied for that demographic number.  Thus if there is information that you want kept, you should transfer it to the correct record before doing this procedure.

  1. Search normally and then change the demographic name so that they are close and you know which chart to keep
  2. Search again with the merge record facility so that both names are brought up
  3. Check the check boxes for the ones that you want to merge. 
  4. Click on the radio button for the main chart and
  5. Then click the button that says 'Merge Selected Records'



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