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Oscar can generate key pairs for encrypted communication.


This function allows for generating public and private keys necessary for encrypting communications to and from Oscar. 

eg. To create a keypair for the Kiosk first enter the Key Manager and click on 'Create New Key'

If there is nothing in "Oscar Public Key", you need to generate it.   Click on "Create New Key". Type "oscar" (without quotes) in Your Service Name.  This is case-sensitive, so don't put "Oscar" or "OSCAR". The lab type doesn't matter. You should see 'Key pair created successfully' in the top banner.


Key Manager

then insert an unique descriptive service name such as 'Kiosk' or 'Kiosk1' and enter the 'lab_type' (for Kiosk we use the OSCAR_TO_OSCAR_HL7 type) and click on 'Create Key Pair'

Kiosk Key Pair

and the key will download to your computer (although for Kiosk you don't need it as a file)

Return to the key manager and copy the keys and service information you entered to the appropriate configuration file

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