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Oscar can import labwork manually through this function


Import labs into the OSCAR database.  This utility in Administration is for manual importing. 

NOTE: In production it is desirable to have most labs 'pushed' into Oscar automatically.  That involves installation of specially configured software to get the files from the lab, and configuration of the HL7 transport utility.

Lab Upload

  1. Click on HL7 Lab Upload
  2. Browse for the file that contains the lab work.  In this case its r20091006(3).162779h
  3. Indicate the origin of the lab work.  In this case its from a CML laboratory (use MDS for Lifelabs)
  4. Click on Upload the lab

A confirmatory message will occur if the file is imported without error

Lab Uploaded


Now those labs are viewable in the Inbox of Dr Norman Bethune as below

Inbox Mixed Lab and Documents

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