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The Ontario Laboratories Information System is a central database for laboratory results.


The Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS) at launch of 11x abstracts laboratory report data from four hospitals and three community laboratories. The four hospitals are Grey Bruce Health Services, Trillium Health Centre, Lakeridge Health Corporation and the University Health Network. Together, these organizations represent 23 hospital sites. The three community laboratories are CML HealthCare Inc., Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories and LifeLabs LP. These seven organizations are currently loading their laboratory test results into the OLIS repository. They represent 52 per cent of the annual provincial laboratory's test volumes.  The Ontario Public Health lab will be connected shortly.


Oscar runs an automated query that will return laboratory reports that identify the requesting practitioners every 30 minutes.  The practitioner needs to be either the ordering practitioner, a CC'd practitioner, admitting practitioner, or attending practitioner.

Registration for this service should be with OLIS.  Details at


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For querying the OLIS database manually there is an OLIS link in the inbox.


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