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This feature allows you to check if you are running genuine OSCAR EMR code.


Traceability ensures that the end user product is one that has met the stringent quality ISO standards maintained by OSCAR EMR and is equivalent to the product that has passed conformance testing for OntarioMD content.

  • Generate Traceability data for this OSCAR instance
  • It will examine your program files and download cryptographic signatures of the files
  • You can then compare these signatures with those generated from an authentic OSCAR system to see if your system is running the same program

Generating the Traceability File for Your Version

 12.1.1 Tracability

  1. Go to Admin > Generate Traceability Report
  2. Click on "Download Traceability Data from this OSCAR"
  3. Save the file "trace-[server name].bin", its about 406Kb

Comparing Your System to the Official Version

  1. Obtain the reference standard traceability data file for your build at sourceforge
  2. Browse to that file
  3. Generate Traceability Report
  4. A file will download that you can read with list of files changed removed or added (and a long list of files unchanged

....oh oh someone has tampered with labformreq07.jsp !

12.1.1 trace-report.txt

NOTE:  Reference trace bin files may be published from time to time as a convenience but not as often as the deb s.  If you need a trace file between releases you can generate one yourself from the deb release as documented above.  Alternately you can of course use an old one and see what files have changed since the reference trace.

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